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As San Diego Restucco contractors we work with a variety of clients with all different restucco project types.

Fix cracked and flaking stucco

If you're thinking about home restucco, give us a call at (619) 561-7429 or contact us and request a free restucco quote.

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More About Nurse Stucco

Home or residential restucco is one of the most frequently requested stucco services in San Diego, and the stucco specialists at Nurse Stucco are restucco experts with over 35 years experience. Nurse Stucco is consistently rated A+ by the BBB, because we know stucco, and we satisfy our customers every time. We've been providing superior restucco services to San Diego homeowners, home owner associations, and commercial property managers for over three decades!

Why Restucco?

Stucco provides a durable and affordable alternative for the exterior of your home. Re-stucco and stop worrying about stains, discoloration, nicks and dents and other imperfections brought about with time. Choose your texture of choice and allow Nurse Stucco to give your home or building an economical “face lift”. Does your home stucco finish look worn, tired, or outdated? If it does, your home will benefit from a home restucco! Home restucco involves resurfacing the existing stucco surface, making any necessary repairs to the stucco substrate, and then applying new stucco to create the beautiful new stucco finish your home deserves.

Over time, rain erodes the thin coating of stucco that encapsulates the sand that creates the texture layer. When this happens, the texture can easily be removed if the wall is cleaned with a pressure washer, or with time as airborn pollutants and rain continue to erode the surface of the stucco. To prevent the loss of your texture, the stucco should be restuccoed every 15-20 years. eroded_paint

A complete restucco of a house or building is the best way to address not only problems of deterioration, but also of cosmetics. The advantage to a complete restucco after home stucco repair is that the preparation and repair work is sealed under a color coat that allows for a more solid finished product without the look of a patch job.

The key to a successful and longer lasting restucco lies in the preparation and repair work. The better the procedure taken to repair and restore the structure or dwelling, the longer the finished product will last. The knowledge gained over the past 3 decades by those at Nurse Stucco will insure that the best procedures and products will be used for your restucco project.

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Nurse Stucco offers complete restucco services - from complete home exterior makeovers including complete recoating or restuccoing with new colors and textures, fog coating stucco for permanent and consistent color, new room addition sidings with exact color and texture matching to your existing structure, to architectural foam door and window trim upgrades. We also provide professional plaster and stucco repair services to fix cracks and damaged stucco.

At Nurse Stucco, we're always thinking of how we can improve the process of making our customers happy, giving them restucco options no one else even thought of. We are professionals at recoating and restuccoing residential and business properties. Our goal is to not only improve the look of your home or business, but to do the job better than any other company, and we consistently meet and exceed our goal!

If you are thinking of restuccoing your home, call us today at (619) 561-7429 for a free estimate or for additional information.

BBB Accredited Business since 2002 and consistently rated A+

BBB Accredited A+ Stucco Contractor

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Nurse Stucco Inc. Serving San Diego for over 30 years in all phases of stucco application, stucco refinishing, and stucco repair. We pride ourselves in our quality of work, reliability, and our integrity. Fully licensed, insured, and bonded stucco contractors consistently rated A+ by the BBB.
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