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Refreshing Stucco Options

Homeowners do have several options, however, in refreshing a stucco finish. Recoat Recoating provides a long-term finish but does require prep work. The surface has to be cleaned so the new finish will adhere and permeable bonding agents, specialized for the climate, should be applied. Recoating also gives the homeowner the opportunity to try additional [...]

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Painting Stucco

Problems With Painting Stucco Painting stucco with latex or acrylic paint changes the permeability properties of the stucco system. While paints are permeable to some degree, they provide a more moisture-resistant film than a cement-based thin coat. That means that while less moisture may pass in from the outside, the vapor that transfers from [...]

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Stucco Basics

Stucco Basics Probably the best way to understand our options with restuccoing is to start with the basics.Traditional stucco as a construction technique that has been used for centuries. It is formed by troweling on layers of plaster over a framework. Over the years, different mixes of minerals have been used to create the plaster. [...]

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Restucco with Stucco Crack Repair

Restucco with Stucco Crack Repair Fixing cracked and flaking stucco with a complete home re-stucco is the best long-term solution... Over time, cracks or crumbling areas in your stucco may appear due to weather, water intrusion or buildings slightly settling on their foundations. Flaking and crumbling at the bottom of the wall is normally [...]

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Water and Sand Blasting

Wet (hydro) blasting and sand blasting may be necessary to prepare the surface prior to the application of any stucco materials. Hydro Blasting and Sandblasting are general terms to describe the act of removing fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean a surface. Silica sand is the most commonly used material for sandblasting, but [...]

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Historical Home Repairs

Assessing The Damage Most historical home stucco deterioration is the result of water infiltration into the building structure through the roof, around chimneys, window and door openings, or excessive ground water or moisture penetrating through or splashing up from the building foundation. Potential causes of deterioration include: ground or building settlement, inadequate or leaking gutters [...]

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Block and Frame Wall Plaster

Cement Plaster over Concrete Block Walls Portland cement plaster may be applied over the surface of concrete block walls for a variety of reasons. It may be to enhance the appearance of the building, to level out irregularities of alignment of the blocks, to achieve uniformity and continuity of surface where concrete blocks abut other [...]

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Brief history on Stucco and how it’s used for homes

Stucco homes and home building - a short history. One of the most common, traditional building styles is greatly misunderstood. Stucco, a material that is similar to plastering, has become an efficient, durable process that is prevalent in the United States from the mid-1800's forward to today. Because stucco looks similar to adobe, it tends [...]

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Stucco Stain Removal and Sealing

Stucco siding is highly resistant to stains caused by exposure to the weather, nature, and the environment. However, staining and discoloration may still occur. The most common stains on exterior stucco are dirt and mildew. Stucco stains can be effectively removed using the proper tools and procedures. Whether you have some type of atmospheric contamination, [...]

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Re-coat & Re-Stucco

Over time, rain erodes the thin coating of stucco that contains the sand that creates the texture layer. When this happens, the texture can easily be removed if the wall is cleaned with a pressure washer, or with time as airborne pollutants and rain continue to erode the surface of the stucco. To prevent the [...]

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