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What are some of the advantages of stucco?

Reasonably priced, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing, stucco has been a popular siding choice for hundreds of years. With a variety of colors and textures to choose from, stucco works well with any home's exterior. Stucco is a more durable finish and it is also more fire resistant than other types of finishes. [...]

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Why do small cracks appear in stucco finishes?

Another term for this is check cracking. Check cracking in stucco is normal. As stucco cures the water evaporates. This evaporation process causes the stucco to sleightly shrink. As the stucco shrinks the small cracks may start to appear. Environmental factors can increase the likelyness of check cracking. In hot dry weather a light [...]

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How long does the average re-stucco job take to complete?

From start to finish, a home re-stucco job is normally completed in under 2 weeks. This is due in part to the need for the stucco to cure between the application of the base coat, brown coat, and color coats, as well as the time to set up and take down equipment on the [...]

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Why does my stucco flake off at the bottom of the walls on my house?

This phenomenon is normally caused from moisture being drawn from the surrounding soil. This is usually caused by the stucco coming in contact with soil and extended exposure to moisture which allows the salts and minerals contained in soil and cement based products to migrate to the surface. This can eventually deteriorate and/or cause [...]

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