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Flaking Stucco

This phenomenon is normally caused by moisture being drawn from the surrounding soil. This is usually caused by the stucco coming in contact with soil and extended exposure to moisture. This allows the salts and minerals contained in soil to migrate to the surface. It can eventually deteriorate and/or cause delamination of the stucco.

There are many common causes. Water from Sprinklers continually soaking the wall or improper site drainage (water draining toward the wall). Moisture in the soil or water sitting at the base of the wall is traveling up the wall. A lack of Weep Screed at the bottom of stud framed stucco walls prior to early 1970’s construction.

This condition is common in older buildings and for this reason, the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) determined the need for “weep screed” a separation device as a remedy in new construction. For an existing structure, a separation of the stucco and the soil with the installation of a weep screed would be the only permanent solution. Call Nurse Stucco at (619) 561-7429 for a FREE ESTIMATE for your affordable solution!

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