Monokote Spray Fireproofing for Industrial and Commercial Projects in Southern California and throughout San Diego County

MONOKOTE® monokote MK-6 spray fireproofing San Diego Restucco Contractor | Nurse Stucco

Monokote® is a popular fireproofing material used in office buildings, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and other large buildings that are constructed out of concrete and steel. Resembling wet cement, Monokote® fireproofing spray is applied throughout a building’s interior in order to help prevent structural failure during a high-temperature blaze. In many areas, building codes require the use of “passive” fire-protection materials like Monokote® in certain structures. Not only will this help prevent a building from collapsing, but it will give the occupants of a building more time to escape in the event of a fire. This latter benefit is especially important in high-occupancy structures where people can become trapped inside if the right precautions haven’t been taken.

Monokote® can form a protective barrier against fire in just about any structure. Because it is applied using a spray technique, it is most commonly used on:

  • Steel beams
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Electrical wiring ducts
  • Concrete
  • Ventilation systems
  • And more

Nurse Stucco is the spray Monokote fireproofing contractor of choice for materials and installation in Southern California and San Diego County. We are a family owned and operated C-35 contractor company that has built a reputation for continually surpassing the expectations of our customers. When it comes to protecting your building from a disastrous fire, Nurse Stucco has you covered.

Call or e-mail us today for more information about Monokote fireproofing materials or to request a bid on your project. Fireproofing your building today can potentially save you thousands or even millions of dollars in repair costs in the aftermath of a fire. More importantly, it may even save lives.