Problems With Painting Stucco

Painting stucco with latex or acrylic paint changes the permeability properties of the stucco system. While paints are permeable to some degree, they provide a more moisture-resistant film than a cement-based thin coat. That means that while less moisture may pass in from the outside, the vapor that transfers from inside a house may get trapped in the walls.

Some fracturing in the surface is also likely in a stucco system, especially in Southern California due to earthquakes and extremely dry periods. Any flaw or fracturing makes proper coverage difficult. Stucco is composed of peaks and valleys with places of very thin materials that pinhole the system, making it near impossible to achieve waterproofness.

For those who choose to use paints or have acquired a home with painted stucco, there definitely are maintenance issues. Those issues include the paint surface “bubbling,” the need to regularly repaint, and necessary touch-ups. Removing paint from stucco typically requires high-pressure water blasting.

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