Plaster Wall Repairs

Plaster walls, especially those in older homes, usually have cracks due to the house settling in its foundation, or holes from where furniture or doors have struck the plaster and damaged it. Repairing plaster walls is a fairly straightforward process. While it should be done right before a paint job (as the location of the repair will be visible), you may choose to repair the damage and match the patch to the existing wall surface. When you need repairs to your plaster walls, Nurse Stucco are the Plaster Repair Experts.

Professional Stucco, Lath and Plaster Contractors

Nurse Stucco, Inc. has been serving the residential plaster repair needs of San Diego’s home owners from the first day we opened our doors for business, providing new plaster and plaster repair services. We pride ourselves in taking the time to provide our customers with all the information they need about their plaster or stucco project in order make the best choices. It is important to us here at Nurse Stucco, Inc. to provide 100% satisfaction for our customers.

As San Diego Stucco and Plaster contractors we work with a variety of clients with all different stucco, lath, and plaster project types. Although our projects have ranged in size, our niche is to improve the appearance of your property while adding real value. Contact us for more info or give us a call at (619) 561-7429 to discuss your stucco or plaster repair or new construction needs.