San Diego Home Recolor Coat and Re-Stucco

Home Recolor Coating and Re-stucco

Stucco provides a durable and affordable alternative for the exterior of your home. Recolor coat and Re-stucco and stop worrying about stains, discoloration, nicks and dents and other imperfections brought about with time. Choose your texture of choice and allow Nurse Stucco to give your home or building an economical “face lift”.

You can recolor the stucco of the house. There are a couple of ways to go about it. You can apply a new finish coat that has integral color and a new texture, or you can apply an acrylic sealer/finish that contains pigments. The best option isusually a new finish with integral color and that will require cleaning the existing stucco well, applying an appropriate bonding agent and then applying a new finish coat in the color and texture the homeowner desires. With the acrylic, the procedure is similar. The surface needs to be cleaned and coated with an appropriate bonding agent and then the acrylic product needs to be sprayed, brushed or rolled on.

1) Texture – this is the stucco finish that is the easiest to apply and is what you see on most tract homes.

2) Sand finish – this is the smoothest and is considered the best for up-scale homes. You can vary the smoothness by the coarseness of the sand used.

3) Machine Dash – this is a modern adaptation of the old hand applied dash. It is usually used on commercial structures and has a very heavy rough appearance.

4) Knock Down Machine Dash – this is a variation on the machine dash finish where the plasterer follows up with a trowel down to “knock down” and flatten out the courseness of the dash.

There are as many finishes as there are stucco applicators, but these are the generally acknowledged finishes in use in San Diego.

Homeowners and San Diego home remodeling and home improvement contractors have been choosing Nurse Stucco to meet their recolor coat and restucco needs since day one, and the professionals at Nurse Stucco are San Diego residential recolor coat and restucco experts. If you’re considering a residential restucco (with or without color or texture changes), and the differences between natural stucco and synthetic stucco and the benefits of each, and would like more information about your options, consult the restucco experts at Nurse Stucco.