Refreshing Stucco Options

Homeowners do have several options, however, in refreshing a stucco finish.

  • Recoat
    Recoating provides a long-term finish but does require prep work. The surface has to be cleaned so the new finish will adhere and permeable bonding agents, specialized for the climate, should be applied. Recoating also gives the homeowner the opportunity to try additional texture or new colors.
  • Whitewash (Limewash)
    A coat of limewash is the traditional finish for the glowing “old world” stucco look. Limewash is a mix of lime putty and water that sets slowly. As it does, it absorbs carbon dioxide and produces calcite crystals that give the characteristic look. Similar to a stain, it penetrates the stucco yet allows it to breathe and release moisture.
  • Cement-based thin coats
    “Paints” made of Portland cement work well with stucco because they are made of the same material. Because Portland cement starts to cure as soon as it comes in contact with water, these “paints” come as powders that are mixed with water before application. They can be scrubbed, sprayed, or rolled into the surface and can come premixed with pigments for a variety of colors.
  • Fog coat
    This is a light spray-on application of a cement-based slurry that does not change stucco’s ability to breathe.

At Nurse Stucco, we’re always thinking of how we can improve the process of making our customers happy, giving them recoat and restucco options no one else even thought of. We are professionals at recoating and restuccoing residential and commercial properties. Our goal is to not only improve the look of your home or business, but to do the job better than any other company, and we consistently meet and exceed our goal!

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