Restucco with Stucco Crack Repair

Fixing cracked and flaking stucco with a complete home re-stucco is the best long-term solution…

Over time, cracks or crumbling areas in your stucco may appear due to weather, water intrusion or buildings slightly settling on their foundations. Flaking and crumbling at the bottom of the wall is normally caused from moisture being drawn from the surrounding soil. This is usually caused by the stucco coming in contact with soil and extended exposure to moisture which allows the salts and minerals contained in soil and cement based products to migrate to the surface. The most common causes are water from sprinklers continually soaking the wall or improper site drainage (water draining toward the wall). This can eventually deteriorate the stucco and cause delamination, flaking and crumbling.

Nurse Stucco provides professional and affordable crack repair and patching with re-stucco services to homeowners in San Diego and surrounding areas. Re-stuccoing involves incorporating the existing stucco surface, making any necessary repairs to the stucco surface and substrate, and applying new stucco to create your beautiful new stucco finish. The advantage to a complete re-stucco is that the preparation and repair work is sealed under a color coat that allows for a more solid finished product, without the look of a stucco repair job.